K House

The overall impression of K House in Tel Aviv, Israel is characterised by an interplay of transparency and solidity, depth and airiness. Ronnie Alroy Architects designed the house as a celebration of concrete carefully cast into the right form to complement the climate and the varying need for light, warmth and coolness.

Private residence – Tel Aviv, Israel

Architect: Ronnie Alroy Architects

Photographer: Amit Geron


Douglas Classic

Ground level: Thickness: 28 mm. Width: 300 mm. Random lengths: 2–7 m.

First and second levels: Thickness: 28 mm. Width: 200 mm. Random lengths: 1–5 m.

Finish: Lye and White Soap 

K House is a harmonious universe constructed in concrete, balanced by elements in Douglas fir, clever architectural details and grand, open spaces that inspire a sense of freedom.

The raw expression of the concrete used for the structural elements, walls and ceilings is complemented by wide planks in Dinesen Douglas Classic, its pale, soft tone a recurring presence in bespoke solutions throughout the house. The distinctive grain of Douglas fir adds a decorative element against the concrete in the form of partitions, panels, stairs and even a complete bathroom and kitchen interior with specially designed cabinet fronts.

The light expression of the wood stems from the Lye and White Soap finish and is gradually heightened with continuous maintenance. As a special detail underlining the hierarchy between the different levels, the planks vary in width throughout, with the widest planks being used on the ground level and narrower ones on the upper levels.

The design, by Ronnie Alroy Architects, features many subtle yet highly impactful solutions. A good example is the main hallway, a spacious volume that makes a big impression with its tall ceilings and exposed concrete beams. Positioned in between the ceiling beams, a skylight creates a path of light through the middle of the room. The light dances all the way down to the level below through a glazed opening in the floor. This effect distributes the daylight over several levels and helps tie them together.

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