Dinesen has considerable expertise and experience with floors in listed buildings.

For half a century, we have delivered bespoke planks to castles, palaces, manor houses, churches and private homes for projects involving very specific requests and requirements concerning quality, appearance and dimensions.

  • For centuries, pine trees have been a part of the European landscape. In the woods and forests and inside the magnificent castles, palaces and manor houses. We source the best slow-growing pine trees from responsible forestry in the German forests. To ensure the finest quality, the trees are felled in winter.

    The trees, which can be up to 200 years old, are among the biggest in Europe, with a diameter of 50 centimetres or more. Therefore, Dinesen Pine is available in extraordinary dimensions and a unique quality. Produced at our production facilities in Denmark, where modern technology and careful craftsmanship go hand in hand.
    • Pine
    • Douglas
    • Oak

The beginning

Our passion for restoration projects began with a project at Sønderborg Castle in 1965, where we produced 15-metre long Douglas floor planks to replace the original planks of Pomeranian pine.

And when Frederik VIII’s Palace was to be restored and converted into a modern home for the Danish Crown Prince couple in 2010, the choice again fell on Dinesen floors. This time Dinesen Pine, which matched the historical floors and met the requirements from the architects and the Danish Agency for Culture.

Frederik VIII’s Palace, Amalienborg Castle

Bespoke solutions

Our Heritage service offers dedicated consultancy with respect for history. We custom-design every single solution, adapting it to the individual building or room.


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