Dinesen Country Home

In idyllic surroundings near Dinesen’s head office and production in Jels lies Dinesen Country Home. The charming thatched house with its own forest and meadows nearby is Thomas and Heidi Dinesen’s former private home, which has now been turned into an exclusive guesthouse.

Residential — Denmark
Jørgen Overbys Tegnestue
Reinholdt // Rud — Photo: Anders Hviid & Claus Troelsgaard


Douglas Classic
Thickness 35 mm. Width 300 mm. Length 8 m 
Finish Lye and White Soap

With Dinesen Country Home, selected guests are offered an extraordinary opportunity to come visit and experience Danish design and beautiful solutions with wood. The homely environment with intimate rooms and unique details are Dinesen’s visualization of what the Danish term ‘hygge’ entails.


When the Dinesen family lived in the house, a multitude of beautiful solutions with planks from the family business were created. The particular aesthetic feel which comes from the prioritisation of classic Danish design and art is carried on in the exclusive refurbishment, where you get close to the family’s passion for wood, architecture and design.

The decor of Dinesen Country Home is based on the concept of ‘hygge’ and country home style with the beautiful surroundings as focal point. The goal has been to create a house that feels like a home, even if you are only visiting for a short time. A house where guests feel welcome, find peace and become inspired. Room by room, a little story is told in order to provide visitors with an urge to explore the spaces and details.

The emphasis of the decor is a modern interpretation of a rustic country home inspired by simple Scandinavian aesthetics with the use of wood and other natural materials such as leather and wool. The passion for wood is among other things reflected in the use of both Dinesen Oak and Douglas for the many customized pieces of furniture in the house, such as headboards, coat racks and desks. To create expressive contrasts, the different types of wood are combined with black lamps and furniture, emerging as modern and graphic elements in the decor.

Classic design furniture from major Danish companies are combined with books, crafts, art by Anne Fabricius Møller and Vibeke Jerichau and details of a personal nature such as ceramics from the Danish island Bornholm and the Dinesen family’s own artefacts to ensure the feeling of homeliness.

Access to Dinesen Country Home is limited to special occasions.

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