Frederik VIII’s Palace, Amalienborg Castle

After extensive restoration, Frederik VIII’s Palace has become a modern and well-functioning home for the Danish Crown Prince Couple. 

Restoration — Copenhagen
Arkitema and Erik Einar Holms Tegnestue ApS


Pine Classic
Thickness 35 mm. Width 250 mm. Length 14 m 
Finish Natural Soap

One of the most historically fascinating places in Copenhagen is Amalienborg Castle, the palace complex that has served as a royal residence since the 1700s. The complex, which is a chief achievement in Danish architecture, consists of four palaces that appear identical from the outside. But the interiors tell another story. In 2010, Frederik VIII’s Palace was restorated from top to bottom and turned into a modern home for the Danish Crown Prince Couple.

“We needed pinewood floors of a quality and an appearance that would make them appropriate for rooms that were adjacent to 18th-century floors in Pomeranian pine. Dinesen took up the challenge. These new floors will now live their future life alongside the historic floors.”

Poul Schülein

The restoration of Frederik VIII’s Palace took five years to complete. The task involved restoring and renewing the building to bring it up to modern standards. Today, the palace serves as a functional home for the Crown Prince Couple and their children. Environmental aspects were also considered with respect to energy efficiency. For example, all the radiators and the entire heating system were replaced.

Where the existing wooden plank floors could not be reused, new Dinesen planks were installed, which match the elegant palatial interior dating from the late French Empire style of the 1800s. Dinesen has considerable expertise and experience in creating floors for listed buildings, and over the years, we have delivered planks to many palaces, manor houses and churches. In Frederik VIII’s Palace, the solution involved bespoke pinewood planks that match the historical floors both in appearance and quality.

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