Friluftssykehuset – The Outdoor Care Retreat

In the peaceful ambience of the forests, only a short walking distance from two of Norway’s largest hospitals, Snøhetta has designed two secluded wooden shelters, aspiring to make hospitalization easier for patients and their families. 

Hotel — Oslo, Norway
Snøhetta — Photo: Ivar Kvaal


Thickness 22 mm. Width 300 mm. Length 2-5 m
Finish Natural Oil


Designed on behalf of Friluftssykehuset, the Outdoor Care Retreat offers visitors a physical and psychological respite from stringent treatment regiments and the isolation that often follows long-term hospitalization. We are proud to be part of this meaningful project, where our HeartOak and Oak planks cover all inside surfaces of the two cabins. The oak wood offers a safe, warm atmosphere in a limited space that intimately and safely captures any person who enters.


Each cabin consists of a main room, a smaller room for conversation and treatment and a bathroom. The interior is fully clad in oak, echoing the natural materiality in the surrounding landscape. Inside the space, colorful, sculpted pillows can be moved around freely, allowing children to build huts or lie down to gaze at the canopies through the circular window of the ceiling of the main room.



The Outdoor Care Retreats is a tranquil space where visitors can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of the forest in a safe environment. The healing ability that nature can have on body and soul is underlined by the warm glow of the oak wood that with its authority creates a safe and embracing frame for the entire family.


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