Sønderborg Castle

The Danish Sønderborg Castle was the first to have our Douglas floors installed back in 1965. The floors are still in use at the castle and have only grown more beautiful with time.

Restoration — Denmark
Royal Building Inspectors Peter Koch and Jørgen Stærmose


Thickness 35 mm. Width 200-400 mm. Length 10 m

In 1965, Dinesen was approached by Peter Koch and Jørgen Stærmose, esteemed architects and royal inspectors of listed state buildings. They were looking for unusually long floor planks for the restoration of the more than 400-year-old royal castle in Sønderborg. The architects’ specifications concerning length and width required a special effort.

The original floors in the castle were made of Pomeranian pine. That was no longer available, but Douglas has many of the same properties. Dinesen produced floor planks for the castle in lengths of up to 15 metres and widths of up to 45 cm. The result was striking floors that blended naturally into the old building and complimented the castle’s original expression. 

For Dinesen, the Sønderborg Castle project led to many subsequent restoration projects involving castles, palaces, manor houses, churches and other listed properties. Thus, Dinesen floors help make it possible to restore buildings that are worthy of preservation in a manner that respect s both the client’s needs and the original architectural expression of the buildings. And help build a firm foundation for keeping history alive.

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