Zappon Apartment

In a process stretching over a number of years, a loft that was previously used for drying laundry has been converted into a very personal home.

Residential — Denmark
Photo: Erik Zappon


Douglas Classic
Thickness 28 mm. Width 200 mm. Length 4-5 m
Finish Lye and White Soap


The Danish photographer and filmmaker Erik Zappon grew up in the building, which dates from 1907, and at the age of 14 he moved into a small room in the loft. Later, he gradually converted the entire 4th floor loft into an apartment, as the household expanded to include his wife and their children.


At one end of the apartment lies a large room with a kitchen, dining area and living room, complete with an open fireplace, custom-built of granite boulders. The other end features a combined office space and living room with exposed beams and studio windows mounted in the ridge of the roof. From the passage area, stairs lead up to a small bed-loft. The time-less Douglas planks crate a coherent expression throughout the apartment, which only has three doors – for the two bathrooms and for the bedroom.


As the most recent change, Erik Zappon has turned part of the 3rd floor of the building into an office space. Here too, Dinesen floors are used throughout and elegantly tie the different architectural expressions of the two floors together. While the 4th floor has plaster-covered walls and raw ceilings, the 3rd floor has wooden panels and stucco ceilings. The floor plan has been altered, as two adjacent living rooms have been combined to form one large, bright office space with a meeting table, a library and a modern kitchen.



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