A good indoor climate – for both body and soul

We spend 90% of our time indoor and two thirds of that in our home.

A healthy indoor climate is closely connected to fresh air, comfortable temperatures and good acoustics – factors that all improve our comfort, well-being and indoor quality.

But how does wood affect your indoor climate?

Wood improves your indoor climate

To integrate wood in your home is both good for the indoor climate, energy consumption and your mind.

Fluctuations in the daily indoor humidity in your home can be reduced by applying wood surfaces. Wood has the ability to absorb and emit humidity according to the fluctuations that exist in the house.

This improves the air quality significantly which is of great importance for a good indoor climate. The need for artificial ventilation and energy will decrease as opposed to rooms where surfaces are covered with materials like concrete or tiles that do not absorb the moisture in the same way.

Besides, wood contributes to good acoustics in contrast to other materials that do not carry the same resonance.

A climate friendly material

Wood is the main ingredient in some of the world’s most climate and environmentally friendly building materials.

The most important climate ability of wood consists in the fact that it can replace a number of materials like steel, concrete and aluminium that all demand large amounts of fossil fuels when produced.

Wood, on the other hand, does not require such a heavy processing. Wood absorbs and stores carbon dioxide all through its lifetime, and the storage process even continues, when wood materials are included in construction. As a result, the tied carbon dioxide stays stored when wood is applied in wood constructions like flooring, furniture, paper etc. with a long-life span.

Read more about our approach to sustainability.

What are the benefits from including wood in your home?

— The indoor climate is improved as wood absorbs and emits moisture 

— Wood contributes to a pleasant acoustic in a room

 Wood is a living material and will patinate beautifully over time

 Wood forms a soft and warm foundation in a room  

 Wood creates an intimate atmosphere and ambience in a room

 A room with wood gives an instant welcoming and embracing experience

 A room with wood has sense stimulating abilities that discreetly impact our senses

Wood as a tactile material

As a material, wood is one of the most magnificent materials gifted to us by nature. Since the dawn of time, it has given us protection and shelter – soothing our minds and stimulating our senses along the way.

The feeling of walking barefooted on a wood floor or the feeling of sliding your hand over the soft grains of the wood is a unique tactile experience. It awakens our senses.

Especially our senses have a great impact on our well-being in the physical space and how we experience the room. The touch of the soft grains under our palms can seem calming, just like the smell of a newly washed Douglas floor can soothe our minds.

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