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In co-operation with architect Jonas Lindvall, the two chefs behind Gastrologik chose Dinesen Oak floors for their restaurant in Stockholm. A good restaurant is uncompromising, also when it comes to interior design.

Gastrologik - Stockholm, Sweden
Architect: Jonas Lindvall

Photos: Anders Hviid


Dinesen Oak

Thickness: 30 mm. Width: 225 mm. Length: 4-6 m
Finish: White oil and lacquer


NB! The photos show the newly installed, newly finished floor. Deviations due to natural patina, wear or inadequate maintenance may occur. 

F30x225 - 4-6 m - HOL - Gastrologik - Jonas Lindvall 03.jpg

The solid Dinesen Oak planks are used on the floor in the restaurant, while the adjacent Speceriet (the Grocery) in the same building features a counter with Dinesen Oak cladding. Here you can get takeaway, including the restaurant’s homemade stone-oven bread.

At Gastrologik, the top priority is quality ingredients. The goal for the chefs, Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr, is to give the guests a unique experience in this beautiful setting and to help shape the gastronomy of tomorrow in cooperation with innovative suppliers.

F30x225 - 4-6 m - HOL - Gastrologik - Jonas Lindvall 16 - udefra.jpg
F30x225 - 4-6 m - HOL - Gastrologik - Jonas Lindvall 08.jpg

The restaurant has already received two prestigious awards from the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter in their award show “Gulddraken 2012” (the Golden Dragon 2012). One of these awards was handed out by A.A. Gill, a food critic for Sunday Times and Vanity Fair.

With Gastrologik, yet another top restaurant has been added to Dinesen’s long list of culinary references, a list that also includes Danish restaurants, such as Kong Hans and Falsled Kro, which have Dinesen Douglas floors. The Japanese architect Hisanobu Tsujimura also used Dinesen wooden floors in several of his restaurant and hotel projects.

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